Art Design & Management

An all-inclusive service that provides art design, artistic talent, planning and management of all logistics, all while staying on budget. Art can include anything from lighting to interactive space design and installations of large and small art pieces.


Well-executed lighting has the opportunity to act as the ultimate visual feast for your guests and can elevate any space. We offer integrative lighting design for festivals and special events that transform any space into a dazzling display.

Area Design

Synergy is known for our area designs- creating immersive zones, lounges, and hang zones for your guests. These spaces provide an alternative and interactive experience to evoke feelings of exploration or simply a place to relax and find comfort.


‘EnviroDesigns’ are constructed using natural materials collected from the event site. When these materials are artistically organized, they transform into beautifully sacred sculptures and zones. These areas provide your guests contact with the natural world and an aesthetically pleasing area for people to gather.

What it’s like to work with Synergy

Step 1: We discover your vision or help you create one.

Step 2: Early in the process the budget is defined and priorities are established.

Step 3: The Synergy team focuses on developing the design and finding artist(s) who will give life to the vision.

Step 4: All logistics with the artists and vendors are handled from contracts to keeping them on budget to equipment needs, etc.

Step 5: We manage the installation(s) ensuring all runs smoothly and making necessary adjustments to optimize the impact of the art.

After your event, we’ll follow up with you and your team to get feedback on how we can enhance your next event!

Synergy Event Production

Art, Lighting & Design Expert based out of Sebastopol, California.

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