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Hello, I’m Andrew

Andrew Carroll, President of Synergy, started in the performance world as the lighting designer/director for The String Cheese Incident


During his 16 years as Lighting Designer for The String Cheese Incident, Andrew studied under various masters in the concert lighting industry and designed and directed all of the band’s stage lighting. Simultaneously, he built the visual experience which helped define the band to become a tremendous success.

Andrew was then recruited by Michael Franti and Spearhead to design their stage lighting and became the band’s Production Manager, handling all of their national and international performances including live concerts and television appearances.

After years of touring nationally and internationally, Andrew’s path eventually landed him in Sonoma County, CA where he established the Synergy offices and lives with his wife and two boys.

Word spread of Andrew and the Synergy team’s talents and they are now involved with a variety of festivals and events, putting together unique zones, art installations and stunning experiences that keep festival guests engaged and talking long after the events are over.

A master at his craft, Andrew brings a rare blend of professional experience to Synergy and the spaces he creates. His background in concert production, production management and lighting design is HOW he constructs such monumental experiences.

His love of Art and artistic collaborations combined with his ability to transform a space and bring it to life are WHAT makes them so impressive. Andrew’s seamless integration of these key components delivers the benefit of his extensive background in the performance world directly to each client. 

The result…a remarkable experience flawlessly executed.

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Art, Lighting & Design Expert based out of Sebastopol, California.

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